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Drop a Heart Brake a Name. [entries|friends|calendar]
Ashli <3

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July 24th, 2005
k soo yeh summers been pretty darn good i love meeting new people more then words can exsplain!!
yeh soo lj is kinda gay i havent updated in a month lol
things i like about summer

1) what highschool are u going too
2) hows ur summer
3) do u miss me??
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oh man pics from my trips CLICK IT [Friday
June 24th, 2005
[ mood | bouncy ]

K so now that im home i can update these AWESOME PICS from my trips i know be excited! 

I want alot of comments from this one! ALOT

hah k just click


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June 15th, 2005
[ mood | bouncy ]

I had the time of my life today

6 flags then me and nicole went bungee jumping i laughed the whole time

i saw matt
we talked

gos hes soo hot

mall tomorrrow and uncles


just wanted to say hi and tell ya how im doing coming home MONDAY!


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June 10th, 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]


comment if u like it

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k WOW soo much [Wednesday
June 8th, 2005
[ mood | busy ]

if u truly love me u will comment and tell me that u miss me?

K  so much to say

 wisconsin is soo much fun right now i can even say im bored lol

me and amanda and my wonderful cousin are having a blast!

soo lets recap on my first week here

Hmm saw my brother johnny graduate AHH i cryed hes going to college and im going to miss him SO but he will live closer to me now :-]

lets see me and amanda went cazy on a golf cart and crashed it and now its broken but it was a total blast hahah

met some guys

got numbers

amandas currently dating one i really never met him just saw him once

and we are going bowling with him tonight and im going with his friend ;-]

 hahaha i went shopping new colthes

love it

i hung out with jj and johnny all day i love my brothers they are great

i met my other grandmother she gave me 50$ lol and shes soo short and cute!

me and amanda got in some fights but we made up because i ran into the door and she couldnt stand being mad at me anylonger  lol

have been soo busy that its crazy

but if ya want comment and tell me ur num and i will call ya sometime!

k well bye love ya all


<33 ashli


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June 1st, 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]

K wow i had soo much fun the last few days


well i hung out with alex and jordan last night it was a complete blast!

we had soo much fun and it was the first time i hung out with jordan soo that was alot of fun.

well i do suck at bowling i learned that lol

and then today ive been packing and shopping for last minute things for Wisconsin..

this lady saw my picture and she said i was beautiful

wow that made me feel good lol

soo tomorrow im leaving my house at like 8:00 me and amanda and im soo excited because ive never brought a friend with me to Wisconsin

well ive never stayed in my house in wisconsin because i use to live in IL but my dad moved a  state over but  we live on the border of IL and WI but more in WI

if that makes any sense to u lol

i was trying to get this hot lJ background but i dont know how to do it soo i gave up and went beack to my gay old one!

well i might not update in awhile and my diets going well besides alex and jordan yelling at me to eat a chicken wing and i did lol

i love u guys

and im going to miss my little palm coast

i will see it in 3 weeksAHH too long

byye guys i love u


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May 30th, 2005


well i updated ealier but i was in a bad mood soo i deleted that entry of mine LOL

soo this is how my summers been

swimming,beach and water park and hanging with amanda and heather

it was fun they are the best

ALTHOUGH i want to hang out with alex like soon  real soon because not seeing her in like 5 days is just wrong LOL

soo anywho i had alot of fun at daytona lagoon

i have to pack soon and i hate packing but im going to have soo much fun in wisconsin at least i HOPE and i BETTER

soo i started my diet today it sucks soo BAD

and i went jogging

that was fun besides the whole after effect of getting really sick and dizzy

soo now im home watching laguna beach and just having fun with that

once i get back from wisconsin i gotta hang with soo many people IF U WANT TO HANG WITH ME WHEN I COME BACk

leave a comment and tell me


i love u all and i miss alot of u


&hearts; ashli

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May 25th, 2005
[ mood | just a little ]

well i updated ealier with 51 pics and i deleted them after i updated them so i would save space come to find out my lj wouldnt show the pics soo there goes some awesome pics and i only kept ten.

but i wil show those next

humm lets see i broke dress code on last day of school loved it im going to miss u guys sooo much and gina im going to miss u soo much ur amazing

one last final wish

be in 8th grade with everyone forever

i dont think it would work

i love u guys soo much i will never forget you!

thursday im going to wisconsin for 3 weeks with amanda im excited

might not update there soo yeh here it is


post ur name and i will tell u what our fondest memorey of u is and what i think about u and if ur cool enough u will say something nice about me like the snapple comercial lol

so heres my pics


spare me just three last words Collapse )

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May 25th, 2005
[ mood | accomplished ]

Today was  wonderfull i had soo much fun,

graduation it was soo sad i started to cry and im all moppy and sad now lol, im just really going to miss all of my friends i made this year and i wish we wernt all splitting up, well everyone looked amazing and beautiful. well summer plans gotta make some i will be away for alwhile in wisonsin with amanda im leavbing next wednesday lol im exited YES! and for my yearly average i got straight As yes and also i got 100 dollars im soo happy.

but anyways u guys should all call me later




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May 24th, 2005
[ mood | crying right now b.c im a lose ]

dear friends,

thanks for the best year soo far

i am soo sad to leave some of u and know that i will never forget anyone thanks to (the good memory lol jk) and great personality that all of u have m going to miss u all soo much that words could never exsplain how much im going to..

to all my friends u are amazing and never change i love u all



<3 ashli

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May 22nd, 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi my lovelys

Lets re-cap my whole weel since i havent updated in awhile lol...


soo lets see friday didnt go to school because it was field day thats not really my thing and alex didnt either, soo we went to the beach and had a blast we went in the waters and jumped waves because we are cool like thath then we tanned, then my mom brought us to this awesome surf store down the road called wings and i got 2 pairs of flip flops after that we hung out intill like 9. then yesterday i went shopping for my graduation dress and i got one its reallly pretty im excited its a surprise on what it looks like u will all have to wait and see, then i got a new bikini for the field trip and a new tank top soo im excited. and today i am doing NOTHING and im bored as a mofo well i can go to the star wars movie but im not in the mood, and tonight i sleeping over laexs for the field trip tomottow yes!

well thats about all only 3 days of school left ;-(

i  made up my mind on which school im going to

but dont ask because i wont tell lol



alright well i love u all


&<33 ashli

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May 18th, 2005
[ mood | distressed ]

I got bored of waiting for 100 comments lol


well im so bored i just got back from alexs and it was a BLAST we went swimming with ray ray my ghetto friend and he likes her so i was trying to hook them up LOL


today in school was fun NO WORK sweet and i brought my Bs to As heck yes im excited

BUT soo sad that this year is almost over 8(  i dont want to grow up..

omg someone paticular is really bugging me she always trys to leave me out of things and im like WTF why? i thought we were cool i guess not oh well i dont need people like that as friends.

ohh well i can get over it

but soo where is everyone going after the graduation

i cant believe its coming up AHH thats crazy

and monday is the field trip YES!

im excited about it besides one thing but i will keep that to myself lol thats always best

k well im gonna go lay around becuase im tierd and ohh yeh i have the hottest lightsaber


its RED god im cool well its actually my little brothers but i dont care

p.s I LOVE BOWZER that coolest dog besides mine


<33 ashli

oh yeh and roza i love how we dont match together and caitlin u owe me a NOTE


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May 15th, 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]



thats right 100 not 20 not 30 BUT 100

and thats how much it is going to take intill next update soo get working on it!



HEY kiddos



whats up


soo im sitting here thinking about everything that ive been holding in forever!

wow soo this week was awesome

i went to heathers dads house in jacksonville i had soo much fun i love her to death BFF

we went to the beach i got a tan HECK yes

then we both got really sick off this muffin and felt really dizzzy i think the muffin had something it in LOL


it was no studmuffin

well schools almost over

i CAN WAIT thank you

its all sad growing up and leaving behinde beautiful people

i sware this year has been the best so far i met the best people

well besides that i went to the dance it was a complete blast and i learned that i think i truley do love someone but its weird i dont kno and dont ask who because i wont tell

and AISLYNN i love u soo much u are such a beautiful person inside out and yeh be both cried and hugged each other

 and u mean so much to me u are such a great friend i love u with all my HEART


dude my brother got drunk and hit on every girl at this party and i heard some funny sotries haha that made me laugh soo hard i would never exspect my brother



this is long enough soo BYE


<333 ashli

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nothing just chiling [Thursday
May 12th, 2005
[ mood | ditzy ]

Well im just sitting here being bored


i am waiting intill 530 so i can leave here and go to the mall to get a dress

im so last minute lol

im bored, well there are these friend pictures tomorrow and i want to have one who would want to be in it? becuase no one wants me in theres 8( lol   i might do it if i have money i dunno i will se tomorrow

gosh i really cant believe schools almost over this is crazy just think of next year wow!

ive been thinking to much this week and sometimes at school i will just cry out of no where thinking of things like mydad,myfriends,changing,growing up ahhh its crazy

i guess i will just live life to the FULLEST and go through what ever comes my way...

well my dad finally called this week after not calling in like a month and a half i was just soo dissapointed in him i always thought he was such a good father intill i grew up  i guess staying young wasnt a choice, i wish i was young again just having the innocence and ignorance it was better not knowing all,

 i miss the days when 14 year olds wernt drunk and high the days when holding hands ment soo much what happend to that?

i dont kno but i wish i was born in the time 

i wish alcohol was never invented soo i woulndt have to deal with an alcholic father

thats why i am soo agianst all of this not becuase im a goody to shoes just becuase im not into harming my body or hurting my loved ones.


well thats all i really had to say.


stay the same all of u are wonderful!

<33 ashli


just a quiz thingyCollapse )

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awee.. i love my mommy [Saturday
May 7th, 2005
[ mood | accomplished ]

SOo  mothers day tomorrow COOL


i am stuck babysitting once again and i helped my mom get out of work to go to my brothers wrestling thingy and she wont even BRING ME

im insulted well i guess it was and early m-day present

and i really wanted amanda to come over

usually she always says yes to my friends comming over while im babysitting its like being brived lol

But noo its mothers day tomorrow so she wants it to be just us when shes at WORK

god and im going to get stuck cleaning alll day for my mommy to be happy when everyones and everything is clean lol

i think we are going out to dinner tonight NOT SURE really

im bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored

probably going to go get a new b/g


k bye love ya all <333 ashli


1. what did u get ur mommy for m-day

2.do u love your mommy

3. do u love  me?

4. why are my friends all so BEAUTIFUL?


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May 5th, 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]

50 comments intill next update

thats right 50 u better comment

just say hi and i will be happy



haha i love that song


k well today i stayed home i wasnt in the moood to go to school


i kno im to cool for schoool..

welll i guess all my friends missed me soo much soo they all came over BESIDES SASHA b/c shes too cool for me


lol jk i love u

hahah alex is soo hilarious shes like taking big wiffs of the air and shes god just soo funny i love that child


and then heather came over for like 5 milla seconds but it was good to see her


WELL pajama day tomorrow whos all wearing PJS b/c i am for sho


well im in alexs group for the field trip

who else is>?


k well i love u all and answer these questions if u truly love me too

<333 ashli

1.tell me why u are my friend lol

2. do u have myspace if soo then u better add me


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i will see what i can do [Wednesday
May 4th, 2005
[ mood | crazy ]

HEY people

whats up

in the HOUSE ???....

im bored gosh well

today was okay like any other day but

i got in trouble again by mr wallace hahaha he hates me but its okay b/c mr prosuch loves me like a fat kid loves cake!


ohh yeh soo i am playing match maker

haha im good at that i always know how to hook a sista UP

k well i better get off line before i get in trouble...


<33 ashli

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gay gay gay oh yeh and did i mention gay? [Monday
May 2nd, 2005
[ mood | confused ]

soo today


pretty cool

school fun bus not fun only b/c of one person u kno who

whats up with people

thinks its cool to waste their life

YEh real cool to get drunk at the age of 13

gosh ur popular now!

ug nvm its not really the whole reuning ur life thing

its the whole i know ur better then that and dissapointment thing

once again u kno who u are

well besides that

while my other friend alex

doing good in sports instead, won her game tonight and i had fun hanging with her

and there was this hott guy who was starring at us soo we waved but then ran off like little losers that we are lol..

i saw jordan there and her little sis is such a DOLL i love her to death and shes soo cute when she sees a puppy awww..

and i love jordan b/c i just do lol

i missed heather today she stayed home : (

but well i going to go take a shower and shave these nice legs of minelol


later much


<33 ashli

p.s to u know who im not trying to be mean but thats all i can be when ur acting like this

i love u and your better then any of that

i wish that ment something to u but it doesnt soo why bother?

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May 1st, 2005
[ mood | confused ]

so today was pretty COOL ..

hung with amanda and we just watched cool movies all day b/c i was feeling super lAZY lol

then she had to go home 8(

soo now i am boreder then ever

im just sitting here thinking of what i dread thinking and once again cant get my mind off it.. (splitting up for the new highschool)

but besides all that my dad being a BUTT hes not paying my mom and we have money but we are tight on it! and i hate that b/c then everyones stressed...

i really dont think my dad cares that much anymore i use to be his little princess ASHLI and now he calls like every two weeks.. GAY but he has a new life a new princess well PRINCE and a new wife soo where do i belong?

oh well at least i will always be my grandparents and mothers little princess ashli lol

i also miss soo many people gosh next year will be a drag only upside

HUGE summer diet.. sweet

i burnt my mouth on something but i can remember what oh well


lol well im out

<333 ashli




the coolest of coolCollapse )
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April 30th, 2005
[ mood | tired ]

So i made heather layout look real NICE or as alex would say


"its alright" lol

its alright after all THAT WORK I DID

well anyways

u better go check it out and comment in there


well today was fun did the usual went to school then the mall with heather

it was fun well im out soo comment and tell me this

-dont leave ur name do this anonomously sp?

tell me

1. how long have we been friends

2. how long will we stay friends

3. how well do u kno me/ if u dont then do u want to get to know me ?

4. why do u comment in my LJ? lol

5. who bugs u?

6. who do u like

7. make a question for me to answer

<333 ashli

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